About us


Our sustainability priorities

Sustainability is critical for Challenger to build long-term value for our customers, shareholders, employees and the wider community.

With a vision of providing our customers with financial security for retirement, we believe in having a retirement system that encourages long-term savings and the conversion of those savings into a retirement income that lasts for a lifetime.

We also believe in the delivery of sustainable business practices through:

  • robust governance; 
  • a strong risk management culture and practices;
  • appropriate people and workplace programs that encourage diversity; 
  • the responsible investment of customer and shareholder money; and
  • sustainable taxation practices. 

Finally, we strive to contribute to the sustainability of our environment and the communities in which we operate.

Sustainable retirement

Product innovation, thought leadership, education and public advocacy

Challenger's vision to provide our customers with financial security for retirement is at its core one of sustainability.

To achieve this vision, we are working to increase the portion of the Australian retirement savings pool allocated to secure and stable incomes; and aim to be recognised as the leader and partner of choice in retirement income solutions with a broad product offering.

In our efforts to create a world-class retirement income system, Challenger has been leading the debate for revised policy settings which support the provision of a new range of retirement income products.

In support of this, we are:

  • introducing new longevity products to enhance the sustainability of our customers retirement savings;
  • using technology to increase access to our retirement income products, which provide guaranteed incomes;
  • expanding our range of retirement income products to meet partner, adviser and consumer needs;
  • actively contributing to Australia's retirement incomes political debate; and
  • educating financial advisers and consumers on the importance of guaranteed retirement incomes and the need to protect against the risks in retirement.