Funds management

Real estate

Challenger Investment Partners has a successful global portfolio of real estate assets, with a particular focus on Australia and Japan.


  • Manage approximately A$4.8 billion* of real estate equity assets and A$0.9 billion* of real estate debt investments on behalf of Challenger Life and fiduciary clients
  • Manage investments across the spectrum of public and private real estate equity and debt, across real estate asset classes and geographies
  • Focus on sectors where we can earn a return premium, acting quickly, with like-minded partners to capture opportunities
  • Serve clients including large domestic and international sovereign wealth and pension funds
  • Undertake rigorous due diligence on all investment opportunities, to result in a portfolio that provides predictable, stable and sustainable income streams, and
  • Provide investment management services under Australia's Managed Investment Trust (MIT) Regime.

Additionally, Challenger Investment Partners manages an agriculture investment business, investing in vineyards across Australia and New Zealand. To find out more, please see Belvino Investments.

Diversification by asset class

Represents assets managed by Challenger Investment Partners as at 31 December 2016.

 Key attributes:

  • Longstanding, highly experienced team with genuine practical experience and proven capability
  • Comprehensive understanding of cross-border structuring, jurisdictional issues and global real estate markets
  • Proven capability to add value through identification of mispriced assets, rigorous analysis of opportunities and active asset management.
* As at 31 March 2017