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Guaranteed Allocated Pension

Challenger Guaranteed Allocated Pension has been designed as a simple and cost-effective way to convert your superannuation savings into secure and regular payments when you are transitioning to, or in, retirement.

The Challenger Guaranteed Allocated Pension allows a simple and flexible way of receiving regular payments with the benefit of concessional tax treatment if you are aged 60 and over.

Challenger Guaranteed Allocated Pension offers two investment options:

  • Guaranteed Fixed Rate
    Designed for investors looking for a low-risk investment for a known period of time and capital protection, this option has investment terms of one to ten years with earning rates fixed at the time of your investment. 
  • Guaranteed Cash
    Designed for investors looking for a low-risk investment and capital protection, this option has an earning rate set weekly, giving you flexibility to switch all or part of your investment to a fixed rate option at any time.

The Challenger Guaranteed Allocated Pension can help you manage market volatility by providing a certain income stream from this part of your superannuation savings. It can be commenced using superannuation contributions and rollovers of existing superannuation benefits. The minimum investment amount is $10,000.

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