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Challenger Capital Notes 2

Challenger Capital Notes 2 (Notes) are perpetual, subordinated, unsecured1 convertible notes issued by Challenger Limited on 7 April 2017. 

Challenger Capital Notes 2 are issued in Australian dollars and can be traded on the ASX under the ASX code 'CGFPB'. 

Challenger Limited is an ASX-listed non-operating holding company of an investment management group managing $67 billion in assets (as at 31 March 2017). Through its wholly-owned life company, Challenger Life Company Limited, Challenger is the leading provider of annuities and guaranteed retirement incomes in Australia.

Holding statements and refund cheques

CHESS transaction confirmation statements and issuer sponsored holding statements, which state the number of Notes issued to each applicant, will be sent to Note Holders by 12 April 2017. Any application refunds are also expected to be sent by this date.

All applicants are responsible for determining and confirming the number of Notes allocated to them prior to selling any Notes. Applicants who sell Notes before receiving their CHESS transaction confirmation statement or issuer sponsored holding statement do so at their own risk.


Distributions are discretionary, non-cumulative, floating rate payments and are scheduled to be paid quarterly in arrears on the Distribution Payment Dates. Distributions are expected to be fully franked, and accordingly Holders are expected to receive a combination of cash distributions and franking credits. However, Holders should be aware that franking is not guaranteed.

Quarterly distribution payment dates will be 22 February, 22 May, 22 August and 22 November in each year.

The first distribution payment will be $1.63 per Note and is expected to be paid on 22 August 2017 (subject to no Payment Condition existing). The first distribution covers a period of 137 days, beginning on (and including) 7 April 2017 and ending on (but excluding) 22 August 2017. Please note, there will be no quarterly distribution paid on 22 May 2017 during the first distribution period. 

The Distribution Rate for the first payment, which is for the Distribution Period ending on (but excluding) 22 August 2017, will be 4.3295% per annum. Full details of the Distribution Rate under the Notes terms are available here:

Ex-date Record date Payment date Distribution





How to update your details

Notes holders can update their personal details, including providing payment instructions and Australian tax file number information via Computershare's online Investor Centre.

To update or confirm your details:

1. Go to Investor Centre 
2. Follow the prompts to log in as either a new or existing user
3. Once logged in, click on My Profile to update your details

Investor communications

The default option for receiving your quarterly distribution statement and other investor communications is via post. You can elect to receive investor communications online, including distribution statements, via email by updating your details at the Investor Centre.

Further information

Full terms and details of Challenger Capital Notes 2 are available in the Prospectus dated 8 March 2017.

Contact details

1800 780 782 (within Australia)
+61 3 9415 4065 (outside Australia)
Monday to Friday - 8.00am to 6.00pm (Sydney time).

1 Notes are not guaranteed or secured, and are not policy liabilities of Challenger Life Company, Challenger Limited, or any other member of the Challenger Group.