Anna Kang interview


Anna Kang interview

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22 Oct, 2018

Interview with Challenger Finance Manager, Anna Kang.

Q. Tell us about your current role?

A. As the Finance Manager, Life I am responsible for the statutory results for the Life business unit and my role looks after the current profit and loss performance of Challenger’s Life company.  The broad nature of the role requires me to analyse data, provide insights, development reports and presentations, look for process improvement opportunities, interact with a wide variety of stakeholders and present to senior leaders on Challenger Life’s performance.

Q. How long have you been with the business? Tell us how your career has grown at Challenger?

A. I have been at Challenger for six years. I started as an Accountant in Challenger Life’s Financial Control team. After 4 years I was ready to move on to learn something different. An opportunity became available in Challenger Life’s Business Performance team. I put my hand up for this role, went through an internal recruitment process, and was successful.

Because of the size of Challenger’s Life business, there is a lot of exposure to the different divisions. I have had the opportunity to work on larger Funds Management projects and this has given me greater insight into other areas of the business. I am currently working with IT, Finance and Operations on a Simcorp Dimension project to implement new modules and leveraging what we can to improve our processes.

Q. What does the attribute Grow mean to you?

A. For me, Grow is not just about growing as an individual but also growing from your experiences. You need to be open to putting yourself out of your comfort zone and challenging the status quo.

Challenger is a great place to grow your career as you have the opportunity to get involved in various projects and explore new things. Challenger has a supportive culture which is different from other working environments. When you have a suggestion, your idea doesn’t get shut down. You get buy-in from your peers and leaders. People are willing to assist with the development of ideas and are open in sharing information.

Q. What advice would you give to anyone looking to grow a career at Challenger?

A. My advice for someone looking to grow a career at Challenger is to speak up when you have ideas as no one is going to judge you. I also encourage people to work with stakeholders, team members and leaders to bring these ideas to life.

Challenger has a supportive environment and seeks people that are innovative, challenge the status quo and are willing to learn and grow.


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