About us


Challenger seeks to provide a diverse and inclusive workforce and values the capability and experience that a wide variety of employees bring to the organisation. We recognise that an inclusive work environment increases our ability to attract and retain the best talent from the widest pool of candidates, enabling us to maintain a high performing team. We also recognise that successfully harnessing diverse thinking and working styles contributes to innovation and superior long-term sustainable outcomes.

We are further committed to ensuring not only regulatory compliance, but also a deeper commitment to the principles of diversity. Our Diversity Policy emphasises our commitment that employees be treated fairly, equally and with respect when employment and career decisions are made, and sets measurable objectives to ensure that the policy is effective.

To provide a continued focus on and promotion of a diverse and inclusive workplace at Challenger, the Leadership Team formed the Diversity Committee in 2014. The Diversity Committee reports to the Leadership Team and is sponsored by the Chair of the Challenger Board.

A number of principles guide our efforts in the area of workplace diversity:

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