The old view of retirement is vanishing. Australians expect more from retirement – just as they can expect to live longer.

Today, there’s no reason why living longer shouldn’t mean living well and without the fear of running out of money.  With the Age Pension top of mind for many retirees, it’s important to know that you are making the Age Pension rules work for your clients.

Whether you’re an adviser who already has retiree clients, or looking to build your retiree client base, our latest guide 'Making the retirement opportunity a reality' is designed for you. We unpack insights from the latest research, explore income sources in retirement; including the Age Pension and look at advice considerations. The guide will help you:

  • learn more about the trends driving a growing demand for quality financial advice in retirement;

  • gain insights into the needs of retirees, both emotional and financial;

  • discover ways of segmenting retirees and understand their decision-making styles;

  • gain insights on how to position your services to demonstrate value and engage with this audience on things that matter to them; and 

  • learn from case studies that demonstrate retirement income strategies and other advice considerations such as estate planning and intergenerational advice.

It’s time to make sure your clients aren’t missing out on turning the retirement opportunity into a reality.
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