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We estimate your client is income tested

We estimate your client is income tested.
Challenger lifetime annuities provide a guaranteed regular income for your clients’ lifetime regardless of how investment markets perform or how long they live.

Under the means testing rules, 60% of payments from lifetime income streams, including lifetime annuities, are assessed under the income test. For example, where a lifetime income stream pays an annual income of $5,000, only $3,000 will be assessed under the income test.

For income tested clients an immediate lifetime annuity would generally reduce Age Pension entitlement. Deferred lifetime annuities may help for temporarily income tested clients. Find out more about deferred lifetime annuities.

The numbers are rounded for illustrative purposes and based on rates and thresholds of 20 September 2020. For exact figures please view the Strategy Zones chart. Assumes all assets are financial assets and there is no other income.    

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