A Guide to Income in Retirement_1

A guide to income in retirement

Share this guide with your clients to help them understand income options in retirement. 

Our ‘Guide to income in retirement’, has five key steps to building a comprehensive retirement income plan which can help provide your clients with guaranteed income for life. Share this with your clients to help them discover how to support existing income with an approach that is fast becoming a smart strategy for modern retirees. The five key steps include:

  1. Changing with the times: shifting mindsets and strategy to meet the reality of living for longer.
  2. A retirement ‘pay cheque’: understand the options for regular income in retirement.
  3. Navigating the risks: learn the pitfalls to watch out for in retirement.
  4. Creating a reliable safety net: secure your clients' income with a comprehensive retirement income plan.
  5. Guaranteeing peace of mind: learn about the benefits of guaranteed lifetime income.