Absolute Return Fund

The Challenger Absolute Return Global Bond Strategies Fund is designed to be a low risk, fixed interest focussed absolute return fund that seeks modest growth, capital stability and a steady stream of income in all market conditions.

About the Challenger Absolute Return Global Bond Strategies Fund

The primary objectives of the Challenger Absolute Return Global Bond Strategies Fund (Fund) is to deliver a positive absolute return over the medium to long term in all market conditions, whilst providing a steady stream of income.

The Fund aims to meet this objective by investing in the Australian Dollar Hedged Share Class of the Standard Life investments Global SICAV Absolute Return Global Bond Strategies Sub-Fund (Underlying Fund). The Underlying Fund is actively managed, with a wide investment remit that aims to capitalise on market inefficiencies.

This consistent return profile and lower overall volatility can help protect against risk in a client’s investment portfolio.

Key features

  • The Fund aims to provide investors with a reliable income stream paid on a quarterly basis.
  • The Fund delivers modest capital growth, protecting against inflation.
  • Low correlation with the other asset class provides the ability to add value in falling markets, protecting investors against market shocks.
  • The Fund has exposure to a wide range of fixed income opportunities using both traditional assets (such as bonds and cash) and investment strategies based on advanced derivative techniques, resulting in a highly diversified portfolio.
  • A risk-based approach to portfolio construction ensures low volatility and protects against downside risk.
  • Managed by Standard Life Investments – a dedicated portfolio team of over 100 portfolio managers and analysts who are highly experienced across market cycles and asset classes.


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