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Challenger Annual Review 2017 cover

2017 Annual Review

This Annual Review is intended to provide you with useful information about your company in an easy-to-read document. Included in the Annual Review is an operational and financial performance update, reports from the Chair and Chief Executive Officer, and information on the environmental, social and governance matters that affect your company.

2017 Annual Report

The 2017 Annual Report, including the financial report for the year ended 30 June 2017.

2017 Sustainability Report

The 2017 Sustainability Report includes Challenger’s approach to sustainability focusing on the issues that are most material to our business and ability to create value for our customers, shareholders, employees and wider community.

2017 Corporate Governance Report

The 2017 Corporate Governance Report outlines key aspects of the corporate governance framework of Challenger Limited and its controlled entities. Challenger believes that the adoption of good corporate governance adds value to stakeholders and enhances investor confidence.