About annuities

Features of annuities

Security - Your interest and capital payments are guaranteed, regardless of share market movements or interest rate fluctuations.

Flexible terms and payments - With annuities you can choose your investment term. It can be as short as one year, as long as 50 years or even for your lifetime. You can also select how often you get paid - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

Lifetime income - In the case of a lifetime annuity you can enjoy regular, dependable payments for the rest of your life.

Inflation protection - With some annuities, you can elect to index your payments so they keep pace with inflation or at a fixed indexation rate.

No product fees - There are no fees or charges payable to Challenger, but please note that if you have a financial adviser, you may have agreed to pay them a fee.

Tax effectiveness - When an annuity is bought with money rolled over within the superannuation system by a person aged 60 or over, the regular payments are tax free.

Access to your money - If you would like to cancel your annuity, in most cases you will receive a return of your investment but you may receive back less than you invested originally and less than you would have received had you held the annuity for its agreed term. View the product disclosure statement for more information.

More information

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