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Retirement Income


01 Feb, 2020

When you approach retirement age you need to think differently about your finances as you go from earning an income, to drawing on your retirement savings and investments.
This can be a big shift mentally, but one that’s important to make in order to build a comprehensive retirement income plan that gives you the retirement lifestyle you want over the years to come.

Shift your mindset

When it comes to considering a lifetime annuity, handing over a portion of your super or savings as a lump sum can be daunting, especially given the time and effort you’ve spent accumulating your nest egg over the course of your working life.

However, it’s important to overcome this mental barrier if you want to accurately assess your retirement income to suit your specific retirement needs.

Regular, guaranteed income in retirement

While parting with a lump sum may feel a bit scary at the time, remember to keep in mind that with a lifetime annuity you receive a guaranteed income stream for the rest of your life, no matter how long that is. This means you offset the risk of outliving your savings, as well as protecting you from share market movements.

With less certainty currently in global financial markets a secure investment product such as a lifetime annuity helps to ensure your money can go the distance.

Inflation linked income to help protect your lifestyle

If your retirement income remained the same, your lifestyle could become unaffordable. Payments from Challenger lifetime annuities are linked to yearly inflation changes, helping you to continue to afford tomorrow what you can afford today (unless you ask for this feature to be removed).

What’s more, there is a long period where you can access a lump sum if your circumstances change, giving you extra peace of mind to help you enjoy your retirement (bear in mind that a Challenger lifetime annuity is designed to be held for life, so you may get less back if you decide to withdraw).

To see how a lifetime annuity could work for you, speak with your financial adviser or call Challenger on 13 35 66.

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