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Challenger Guaranteed Income Fund

The Challenger Guaranteed Income Fund provides a known, certain monthly income stream within a managed fund and may help manage your account-based pension cash flows.  

Available on most major platforms, the Fund provides:

  • Fixed monthly distributions until the maturity date, regardless of how investment markets perform
  • A range of maturity dates
  • The payment of a maturity value at the maturity date

3.35% p.a. Class Name: 5.15 cents p.a. 31 March 2020 (MV$1)
Distribution: 5.15
Maturity date: 31/03/2020
Maturity unit price: $1.00 APIR: MLT0007AU
3.73% p.a. Class Name: 4.00 cents p.a. 30 September 2022 (MV$1)
Distribution: 4.00
Maturity date: 30/09/2022
Maturity unit price: $1.00 APIR: MLT0010AU

For more information, speak to your financial adviser, order or download a product disclosure statement or call our Investor Services team on 13 35 66.

Important information
Earning rates shown on this page are the earning rates currently applicable for the open classes of units in the Fund.  The earning rate that applies to a person's investment in the Fund is the earning rate that is current on their investment date, which may be different to the earning rate shown on this page.  This is because earning rates are generally updated at least weekly and change. The distribution, maturity date and maturity unit price also relate to the different open classes of units in the Fund.  The distribution and maturity unit price are fixed and assume that units in the Fund are held to the relevant maturity date.  If an investor withdraws from the Fund before the relevant maturity date they may receive significantly less back than if they held their investment until the maturity date.
About the Guarantee
Challenger Life Company Limited (Challenger Life) is the provider of the annuities and derivative contracts in which the Fund invests. Whilst Challenger Life's Statutory Fund No 2 is contractually obliged to make certain guaranteed income and capital payments to the Fund, no company within the Challenger Group provides a guarantee in respect of the Fund or a person's return. Challenger Retirement and Investment Services Limited, as the responsible entity of the Fund, does not provide any guarantee in respect of the Fund, the earning rate or the distribution or the maturity unit price. An investment in the Fund is also not secured against loss and under the constitution there is no recourse against the responsible entity (including in its personal capacity) or for investors in one class against the assets of the Fund that are referable to another class. For additional information please refer to the current product disclosure statement (PDS) for the Fund and About the Guarantee.