Our products

Our products

Challenger provides a range of product solutions aimed at helping you during retirement. These solutions are based around our market-leading annuities that provide regular payments for the chosen investment term, regardless of how investment markets perform.  

Product type Product Description

Fixed term annuities (read more)

Guaranteed Annuity

Provides regular payments for a term of your choice from 1-50 years. Read more.

Guaranteed Annuity - Complying

Provides regular payments and is asset test exempt for investors who need to roll over from a self-managed super fund with an existing exemption. Read more.

Lifetime annuities (read more)

Guaranteed Annuity - Liquid Lifetime

Provides regular payments for your lifetime. Read more.

CarePlus (read more)


Designed for people who have been assessed as being eligible to receive Government-subsidised aged care services. Provides regular payments for life, with the option to leave a bequest. Read more

Fixed income managed funds (read more) 

Absolute return global bond fund 

A low-risk managed fund that aims to deliver a positive return in all market conditions while providing a steady income stream. Read more.

Fixed rate managed funds (read more)

Guaranteed Income Fund

A managed fund that provides regular distributions as well as payment of the maturity value at the maturity date. Available via platforms. Read more.

Guaranteed Pension Fund 

A managed fund that provides regular distributions made up of both capital and income. Available via platforms. Read more.

Superannuation (read more)

Guaranteed Personal Superannuation 

A low-risk superannuation investment to save for your retirement. Read more.

Guaranteed Allocated Pension

A low-risk investment to convert your superannuation savings into regular payments when transitioning to, or in, retirement. Read more.

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