Working at Challenger means being part of a diverse, connected team that has fun and loves what they do. We’re small enough, but big enough to accelerate bold ideas, realising what’s possible for our customers and partners.

You can make things happen. You’re in the driver’s seat, enabled by open communication and collaboration at all levels.


Be part of a people-first team where you’ll work collaboratively with others who bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to achieve great outcomes. 


Act with integrity

Aim high


Think customer


Act With Integrity


“We do things the right way, not only asking whether we can, but also, if we should? And we’re brave enough to make the right decision, even when it’s the hard decision.”


Aim High

“We strive for excellence, adapt and innovate, and believe continuous improvement enables us to deliver outstanding results.”



You can realise your full potential at Challenger. You will build connections and learn from others. You will be supported by accessible leaders who are on hand to support you and get involved and you will get access to career development programs and projects that will build your knowledge, skills and experience. From new starters and graduates to senior managers, Challenger supports you to grow and realise your potential.

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“Working at Challenger means caring, trusting and respecting each other. We promote inclusivity and diversity to achieve shared goals.”



Be part of a connected team that has fun and loves what they do, achieving and celebrating progress together.

Hear from our amazing people
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Basia Wozny | Senior Data Modeller & Analyst

I started at Challenger in the Enterprise Data Warehouse team. I'm a developer. We do development of applications, coding and stuff like that. And as the years progressed, I was allowed secondment to the sales performance team which is under finance and able to further progress my skills. Challenger is supporting me to complete a Masters of Business analytics so that's really cool. What I like most about working at Challenger is the camaraderie, the challenge and the environment, it's fantastic.

Imaginate was fun. It was an opportunity to get to know other people. We collaborated in teams and had great diversity across all of the different divisions. So that was fabulous. I got to try out some of my crazy ideas and they love them. Everyone's ideas were considered, and it was really good to be part of that, so I've really enjoyed it.

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Georgia Munro | Executive Assistant

It can be very scary telling your employer that you're pregnant and wondering how they'll take it, but it's been such a lovely experience, so supportive and just genuinely very happy for me. It was quite easy to tell my boss the news and they straight away went into support mode of what do you need. The flexibility of working from home has been really great because there's a lot of appointments that you need to take being pregnant. So that's been really helpful as well.

I really enjoy working at Challenger for the culture. The people are what make the place. That's what keeps people in jobs and staying at workplaces is based on the people and how we all come together and collaborate. I've been in many workplaces before, but this is the one that I can see myself staying in for a very long time. It's so supportive, it's so much fun. Everyone's really professional and the culture is just miles above any other.

Think Customer

“Our customers are the focus of our decision making, and we know all roles at Challenger play a part in achieving great outcomes.”


Rewards and Benefits

Make a Difference

Making a Difference







Flexible working arrangements, including hybrid working, allow you to make the best of your work and personal life. Be supported by our unique culture of recognition and enjoy the benefits of working with a diverse range of people.

Our recognition program allows people to thank and recognise each other’s contributions in a meaningful and visible way. Enjoy our parental leave program that applies equally to all who welcome a new child to their family — regardless of gender— and includes superannuation contributions on paid and unpaid components of leave.


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