Sustainability is critical to building long-term value for our customers, shareholders, employees and the wider community. 

Today’s retirees are living much longer than ever before, and we recognise the importance of having financial security for or retirement. The wave of people reaching retirement is one of the biggest fiscal and social challenge facing Australia.

At Challenger, being sustainable is about addressing issues that have the potential to challenge the financial security of our customers and embracing the opportunities.

Here’s what sustainability means to our employees:

Our corporate sustainability strategy

Our corporate sustainability strategy supports the delivery of our business strategy and reflects our most material social, environmental and governance opportunities. 

It centres around the priority areas of responsible business practices; taking action on issues affecting the ability of retirees to achieve financial security; and helping our customers and communities to be strong and financially resilient.

Sustainability graph

Our 2018 Sustainability Report 

Our 2018 Sustainability Report focuses on our strategy and sets out how we manage and anticipate current and future economic, social and environmental risks and opportunities.

The report is grouped into themes and addresses the key topics of:

Our business Responsible operations Our customers Policy & regulation Operating environment Our people
Governance and risk management

Conduct and trust Positive customer outcomes Regulatory change Market structures and competition Workforce wellbeing and culture
Tax transparency Long-term risk management

Ageing population demographic Talent attraction and retention

Responsible investment

Challenging investment markets Diversity and inclusion

Technology and information security

Climate change

Investing in the community

Find out more in our 2018 Sustainability Report

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