Making a Difference

We are proud of our people and the difference they make to our customers, communities and colleagues every day.

Our recognition program - Making A Difference (MAD) - helps us thank and recognise people in a meaningful way for the contributions they make. Our people receive an allocation of points to recognise each other, and as people accumulate points for the recognition they receive, they can purchase items or experiences via an online platform.

Our CEO Awards are also awarded twice a year, to individuals and teams to recognise outstanding performance in line with Challenger’s values.

And we love celebrating achievements and success, from regular emails and the intranet, through to senior management recognition and regular catch ups and social club events.


It’s important our people feel emotionally, mentally and physically safe and well in the workplace. Here are just some of the ways we invest in your well-being.

  • Our Employee Assistance Program, provides you (and your immediate family) access to confidential, short-term counselling with an experienced psychologist. It also provides access to well-being, financial and nutritional coaching sessions and legal advice.

  • Employees have access to free onsite yoga, mindfulness and Pilates classes.

  • Access to annual free flu shots.

  • Onsite skin checks and education programs.

Flexible working

At Challenger, flexible working, including hybrid work with time in the office and time at home allows individuals to make the most of their work and personal lives.

One size may not fit all when it comes to flexibility, so there are a range of flexible work options available to meet your needs such as flexible start and finish times, remote working arrangements, working part-time and job sharing. We actively encourage our people to access informal flexible work arrangements to enable them to participate in significant family and personal milestones as they come up during the year.

Support for families

Parents play an important role in the life of a child, which is why every parent, no matter their gender, relationship status or sexual orientation, is supported to share caring responsibilities and leave benefits as they welcome a new child to their family, including through adoption and surrogacy arrangements.

Our parental leave support includes:

  • Eighteen weeks paid leave for all parents.

  • Superannuation contributions on paid and unpaid portions of parental leave, up to a maximum of 52 weeks.

  • Flexibility on when, and how, parental leave is taken. We also offer membership to Parents at Work which provides support for parents and carers.

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Leave to support you living your best life

Our people can purchase up to two weeks additional annual leave each year, spreading the cost over equal salary deductions, allowing more time for that overdue holiday, spending time with the kids, or simply taking a break.

We also offer Challenger Day – one day off every year in recognition of the effort our people make.

Additional support leave

We have support in place for people impacted by domestic and family violence, including ten days leave to attend medical appointments, gain legal advice, receive counselling and safety planning as well as flexibility in work arrangements.

We offer up to five days of paid fertility treatment leave for employees or partners who are completing IVF treatment.

We provide up to five days paid leave to support employees who are going through gender affirmation.


Financial Wellbeing

Being rewarded for effort is central to the employment relationship. At Challenger, we reward you for your discretionary effort, your commitment to the team and delivering on value for our customers.

Salary benefits for employees include the following:

  • Ability to salary sacrifice voluntary superannuation contributions.

  • Ability to salary sacrifice one portable electronic device per year.

  • Paid superannuation on paid and unpaid parental leave, ensuring you maintain your superannuation contributions for retirement.

  • We pay the cost of Salary Continuance and Total Permanent Disability insurances for permanent employees who are a member of Challenger’s default superannuation fund.

Our people are best placed to recognise the skills, qualities and attributes needed at Challenger. The employee referral bonus program incentivises our people to find candidates who not only match the skills of a role, but who also fit with our culture. If you refer someone who is successfully employed by us for the qualifying period, you will receive a cash reward.

All Challenger employees can access free phone-based support from a qualified financial coach. Coaching covers topics such as budgeting and debt management. All employees can access four sessions of financial coaching per year through our Employment Assistance Program.

Challenger contributes 50 cents for every $1 made in salary sacrifice contributions into superannuation. This is capped at a company contribution of $500 per annum.

The Challenger Tax Exempt Share Plan provides our people with an effective way of acquiring an ownership interest in Challenger, and a chance to share in the future performance of the company.

For eligible employees, Challenger offers up to $1,000 worth of fully paid Challenger ordinary shares at no cost. 

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