Our team

Our team

Everyone has a story to tell. Hear why our people love working at Challenger.
Michelle Taylor interview
Michelle Taylor

Challenger Chief Executive, People,
Corporate Affairs and Sustainability.
"Gender equality is one of those
challenges that can only be tackled with a big spotlight - and International
Women’s Day is one such spotlight."

Tim Evans inteview
Tim Evans

Challenger Director, Real Estate.
"Challenger has been fantastic in terms of flexibility. I have been lucky enough to work part-time, four days a week, on two occasions while my wife transitioned back to work."

Sybil Tong interview
Sybil Tong

Challenger Analyst.
"An internship at Challenger has shaped my career goals and helped me understand and see the future of this industry. Rotating in and out of roles across the business has enabled me to identify where I see myself in the future."

Anna Kang interview
Anna Kang

Challenger Finance Manager.
"I have had the opportunity to move teams internally and work on various stimulating projects across the business. It’s not only the opportunities that are offered but also the people around me that have helped me grow."

Greg Burns interview
Greg Burns

Challenger Head of IT, Funds Management, Life and Data Management.
"Challenger has a culture which encourages innovation through the open challenge of accepted norms, whilst balancing respect for individuals."

David Mackaway interview
David Mackaway

Challenger Group Chief Operating Officer.
"Having a safe and respectful environment is one of the foundation stones to creating a challenging environment. Our people are encouraged to come up with new ideas and to try different things."