Sybil Tong interview


Sybil Tong interview

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14 Nov, 2018

Interview with Challenger Analyst, Sybil Tong.

Q. Tell us a little about what the Investment Management internship program at Challenger entailed?

A. The Investment Management internship was a diverse and engaging program that gave me broad cross functional exposure. The initial program ran over the summer break for 10 weeks and I was able to continue to work on a part time basis during my final year of study. I completed 5 rotations; each rotation was for 2 weeks. Fixed Income, Equities, Asset and Liability Management, Life Risk & Credit. I stayed in the Fixed Income team after the rotations completed.

Q. What have you enjoyed most about the internship program?

A. I got to see different working styles and personalities. I was able to transfer my experience from one team to the next. I really enjoyed the Fixed Income and Equities rotations. I am now working in the Fixed Income team and really enjoy the specialised nature, fast pace, and the broad perspectives of the team. Personally, I have genuine interest in asset back securities and I am broadening my knowledge every day.

Q. What have been your key learnings throughout the process?

A. The importance of thorough thinking to become an expert in your chosen field. I have learnt to show initiative, put up your hand for more work, and ask for feedback to increase your knowledge and gain key learnings.

Q. Have you completed an internship program elsewhere? How did the internship program at Challenger compare to this?

A. I completed an internship at a large bank. My experience as an intern at Challenger has been different and very positive. People are also really dedicated to their jobs here, I get regular feedback on my performance, and the culture is very collaborative and welcoming. I have been involved in a lot of valuable work and really feel my work contributes to the broader picture. I did not get the opportunity to do this when working at a larger organisation.

Q. How has the internship program at Challenger helped you with your career goals?

A. Being able to do many rotations (5 different areas), has enabled me to identify where I see myself in the future. I have been able to specialise in the Fixed Income and have since been offered a permanent role in the team. I now see and understand the future of the industry and the associated opportunities.

Q. Where do you see your career going in the next 5 years?

A. I see my career staying in the Fixed Income and I hope to be an expert in ABS (Asset Backed Securities).


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