Tim Evans interview


Tim Evans interview

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16 Nov, 2018

Interview with Challenger Director, Real Estate, Tim Evans.

Q. Tell us about your current role?

A. As a Director in the Real Estate team, my role is responsible for the management of the relationships and deliverables for our 3rd party clients. These clients include Middle Eastern and Asian sovereign wealth funds, Korean pension funds and multi nationals.

Currently we manage approximately $4.5 billion funds under management across these 3rd party clients. The clients are invested in a range of real estate sectors including retail, commercial office space and hotels.

Q. How long have you been with the business? Tell us how your career has grown at Challenger?

A. I have been at Challenger since 2004. For the first two years I worked in Finance in the Funds Management Performance Reporting team. I transitioned to the real estate team as an analyst for Challenger’s two listed funds (CDI & CKT). Subsequently I was the Assistant Fund Manager for CDI until 2014 when I moved to my current role as Director, Real Estate.

Q. What do you love about working at Challenger?

A. Challenger have been fantastic in terms of flexibility they offer. I have been lucky enough to work part-time, four days a week, on two occasions while my wife has transitioned back into work after the birth of two of our boys. Currently I work from home on Wednesdays, which eliminates travel time and enables me to be involved in a class reading group in the morning as well as coaching my eldest son’s football team and my middle son’s cricket team in the evening, depending on the season.

Q. How has Challenger enabled you to achieve your role and collaborate with the team with flexible work arrangements?

A. Whilst Challenger promotes a flexible work environment, I have a manager that values and encourages flexibility. Challenger’s technology has also enabled me to work from home and perform my work with little distractions. I have found that I can plan tasks that require detailed concentration such as board reports and investment models for when I work at home and then when I am in the office I focus my time on collaborative tasks and coaching the team.

Working flexibly has provided me with the opportunity to feel like I am contributing both from a work and family perspective. I have been able to ensure I meet deliverables whether I am in the office or when I am working from home. It is a valuable thing for me to be able to do and provides me with the motivation to perform in my role.