What does it mean to retire in the 21st century?


What does it mean to retire in the 21st century?

20 Nov, 2019

Listen to Jeremy Cooper discuss why pensions and a full-stop retirement are becoming things of the past, and global retirement systems are struggling to keep up with the changing trends.

About Common Wealth and this podcast

Common Wealth are a Canadian company founded in 2015 with the goal of expanding access to retirement security. They created the first retirement plan for lower and moderate income Canadians, which it launched in 2017.

Their podcasts, co-hosted with retirement expert Don Ezra, offer in-depth, insightful conversations with some of the world's best thinkers on the trends and ideas that are driving change in the retirement security field.

In the episode embedded above, they spoke to Chris Battaglia (VP/Group Publisher, Pensions & Investments) and Challenger's Jeremy Cooper (Chairman, Retirement Income) about what needs to be fixed, which countries are doing retirement right, and why retirement is potentially the peak time of life.

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Podcast index

00:00 | Opening
01:50 | Intro to Chris Battaglia: his background
04:50 | Global retirement challenges: longevity, what is retirement, investments, coverage
09:40 | Crisis? Successes and desirable improvements
20:10 | Why education hasn’t been successful
26:20 | Technology is helping to fill the gap
32:50 | The retirement transition, at the personal level
40:50 | Intro to Jeremy Cooper: the Cooper Review
47:40 | A tumultuous time in Australia
52:30 | “My super” as a simple (if imperfect) default
1:02:00 | Four criteria for evaluating change
1:08:00 | People continue to save in retirement
1:21:40 | Defaults for decumulation are manifestly more difficult
1:31:10 | Thoughts on personal retirement
1:35:40 | Don’s personal touch: Reframe retirement as Life Two, truly the best time of life
1:45:40 | End