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Income solutions

Challenger is a specialist provider of income solutions. Our solutions can offer a distinct return advantage over other forms of fixed income. This return advantage also comes with a high degree of investor protection as a result of Challenger’s status as a registered life insurer.

Challenger offers income in three distinct forms:

 Money_Protected savings Institutional term annuity
  • Compelling interest rates in excess of the swap rate
  • Capital guaranteed investment
  • Maturity and payment profile tailored to your needs
What does this mean? This provides the potential for yield enhancement for your fixed income portfolio.

Wealth_Portfolio Tailored annuity portfolio
  • Suitable for liability immunisation
  • Enables investors to structure contractual cash flows to meet liabilities
  • Capital guaranteed
What does this mean? You can boost your investment return while removing uncertainty by accessing contractual cash flows in a capital guaranteed solution.

Wealth_Growth Challenger Index Plus (Index Plus) cash portfolio
  • Alpha: Challenger provides the return of the AusBond Bank Bill Index with an agreed excess return.
  • No management fees: Zero management fees help with management expense ratio (MER) considerations.
  • Zero tracking error: Zero tracking error leads to perfect information ratio measures.
What does this mean? Our cash solutions powered by Index Plus provide institutions set return enhancement above the cash rate, with zero management fees.