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Retirement solutions

Challenger is a market leader in the design and implementation of innovative institutional retirement solutions. Our solutions are designed to help superannuation funds address the risks within the late stage of accumulation, and the decumulation phase of the savings lifecycle. We offer bespoke facilities that provide capital protection, sequencing risk protection, and longevity risk protection.


We take a partnership approach and work with you to thoroughly understand your member demographics and commercial vision with respect to retirement product design.  

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An important component of our engagement framework is to thoroughly workshop the potential range of design avenues available. This is a significant step as it determines the approach that would best suit your member demographics and deliver an optimal member experience.  

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Solution design
Upon the completion of the consultation and assessment phase, we can then design, implement and integrate the solution that is fit for purpose for your needs.

We recognise that each superannuation fund’s membership and product development goals are unique and require bespoke solutions. With this in mind, Challenger offers a range of solutions which include:

  • Target date fund
    A pooled target date strategy that provides market linked or capital guaranteed exposure. The target date fund is suitable for superannuation funds to integrate into the accumulation phase and/or the decumulation phase.

  • Non account-based pension
    A solution that enables the superannuation fund to offer a guaranteed lifetime product issued by the superannuation fund with the payments guaranteed by Challenger Life. The non account-based pension can be (but is not limited to) a stand-alone individualised lifetime income product.

  • Lifetime fund
    A unitised solution that can be integrated within a superannuation fund’s broader retirement product design. The lifetime fund pays a set distribution for the life of each member which can commence immediately or be deferred to a future date. Units are purchased upon retirement with unit prices reflecting the NPV of future lifetime income payments. This innovative solution allows for longevity protection to be accumulated over time, in order to allow investment in growth assets for longer.  

  • Longevity swap
    A longevity risk hedging solution that removes the longevity risk for a dedicated cohort of retirees. The superannuation fund pays an agreed schedule of payments to Challenger Life (the fixed leg), in exchange for payments linked to the actual longevity experience of the covered retirees (the floating leg). If covered members live longer than expected, Challenger Life will cover the difference.