Guaranteed Lifetime Income Tool assumptions and disclaimer

Assumptions and disclaimer for Guaranteed Lifetime Income Tool


Please read this key information about the Guaranteed Lifetime Income Tool before you begin:
  • This tool is designed for people aged 60-80, based in Australia seeking guaranteed lifetime income. This tool does not relate to any specific lifetime annuity and illustrates the payments you may receive under a lifetime annuity.
  • This tool assumes there will be no fees or charges payable for the lifetime annuity and does not take into account any taxes payable on the payments you may receive or the total value you may receive if you choose to cancel your lifetime annuity early or you die.
  • This tool is an illustration only, does not constitute financial advice and is not intended to be relied upon for the purposes of making a decision in relation to investing in a particular lifetime annuity.
  • This tool does not take into account your objectives, financial situations or needs. Because of that, you should before acting on the information provided by the tool, consider the appropriateness of the information provided by the tool having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs. You should also consider obtaining financial advice before making the decision to invest in a lifetime annuity.
  • Rates are indicative and updated on a weekly basis.
For more information, please speak with your financial adviser or contact Challenger.


The information in this tool is illustrative only, is not financial advice and does not relate to any specific lifetime annuity. The information provided in this tool is issued by Challenger Life Company Limited ABN 44 072 486 938, AFSL 234670 (Challenger).

This information has been prepared without taking into account any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of that, each person should, before acting on any such information, consider its appropriateness, having regard to their objectives, financial situation and needs. Before you invest in a lifetime annuity, you should obtain and consider the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) before making a decision about whether to acquire the lifetime annuity. In respect of a Challenger lifetime annuity, the relevant PDS can be obtained from your financial adviser, our Investor Services team on 13 35 66 or at

All references to guaranteed payments refer to the payments promised to be paid to you as an investor in a lifetime annuity. Neither the Challenger group of companies nor any company within the Challenger group guarantees the performance of Challenger’s obligations or assumes any obligations in respect of products issued, or guarantees given, by Challenger. For information about how Challenger collects, discloses, uses and stores personal information, our privacy policy is available at