The last few years have taught us to expect the unexpected.

Changing interest rates, high inflation, and continued market volatility remind us that while we can't predict the future, it's important to plan for times of uncertainty. This means building portfolios resilient enough to deliver income under unexpected conditions.

A Challenger lifetime annuity provides guaranteed regular income for life, making it a suitable option in retirement planning.


Guaranteed regular income payable for life

We all want different things from retirement but share a common need: income. Challenger lifetime income products deliver guaranteed regular income payable for life, regardless of how long you live. With a Challenger lifetime annuity as part of your retirement plan you can build a more resilient retirement portfolio because the payments from your annuity are guaranteed to be payable for your lifetime.

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What’s ahead for the Australian economy

Discover the short-term outlook for the Australian economy according to three economists in our whitepaper – designed to help you prepare for the year ahead.

Why include a lifetime annuity in a modern retirement portfolio

A Challenger lifetime annuity offers:

  • Attractive level of cash flow
  • No ongoing product fees
  • Regular income for life
  • Age Pension boost (if applicable)

And when used in conjunction with an account-based pension**, it can:


Increase your income


Preserve more of your assets


Increase your confidence in retirement

Discover how Challenger’s lifetime annuities can help you redefine your retirement income.

* Excludes Challenger’s lifetime annuity market-linked options.
** Versus an account-based pension only

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