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How to log in to InvestorOnline

We’ve made some changes to improve your experience with InvestorOnline, and the way you securely log in. Follow these five simple steps to log in to your account.

Step 1: Go to the InvestorOnline ‘Sign in’ page

You’ll find the ‘Sign in’ button in the top right-hand corner of our website. After you click on this button, choose ‘Investor login’ from the dropdown menu. Or go straight to www.investor.challenger.com.au and you’ll be taken directly to the ‘Investor login’ page.

Step 1 v2

Step 2: Enter your user ID and password

Enter your User ID and password in the right-hand panel and click the blue ‘LOGIN’ button. 
If you don’t remember your password or User ID, you can click on the links below and follow the steps to reset your password or retrieve your User ID.

Step 2 the final final

Step 3: Request your unique SMS code

Once you’ve successfully entered your user ID and password, you’ll be prompted to request a unique SMS code that will be sent to your mobile phone. We’ll do this every time you log in, to make sure it’s you and not somebody else logging in to your account. Click on the blue ‘REQUEST CODE’ button to request your code. Once you’ve done this, the button will change to ‘CODE SENT’.

Step 3 v2 

The SMS you receive on your mobile will look like this:

Step 3b

Step 4: Enter your SMS code on to InvestorOnline

Once you receive a unique SMS code to your mobile phone, enter it into the box, as shown below. Then click the ‘NEXT’ button.

Step 4 v2 

Step 5: Agree to our terms and conditions (first log in only)

If it’s your first time logging into our new and improved InvestorOnline portal, we’ll ask you to agree to our terms and conditions. To do this, you’ll need to have a read, then scroll to the bottom of the text, and then click “Accept” or “Decline”. You’ll only need to agree to the terms and conditions the first time you log-in, you won’t need to do this every time.

Step 5

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be taken to your account dashboard. 

Step 5 FINAL 

Need help logging in to InvestorOnline?

Please call our Investor Services team on 13 35 66, Monday – Friday 8am-6pm AEST. Or you can email us at info@challenger.com.au.