A specialist investment designed to help people who are receiving, or planning to receive, Government-subsidised aged care services. It provides guaranteed monthly income for life, with a lump sum payable to nominated beneficiaries or their estate upon death.

About Challenger CarePlus

Challenger CarePlus (CarePlus) provides guaranteed monthly payments for the life of the investor, helping manage aged care costs and living expenses. 

It can provide more  control and certainty with estate planning. Upon death, 100% of the amount invested will be paid to a nominated beneficiary(ies) or to their estate. Residents of South Australia will receive 100% of the amount invested less the amount of stamp duty initially paid by Challenger. 

CarePlus is available to those aged 18 years and older who are receiving, or planning to receive, Government-subsidised aged care services. The minimum investment in CarePlus is $10,000.


Benefits at a glance

Market protection - CarePlus can provide the investor with the comfort of knowing that they will receive monthly payments for their lifetime, regardless of how long they live or how investment markets perform.

Certainty and control over estate planning outcomes - CarePlus allows the investor to choose who will receive the lump sum payment upon their death. The payment can be made directly to multiple nominated beneficiaries or their estate.

Competitive payment rates - CarePlus uses competitive payment rates to determine the monthly payments.

No fees are payable to Challenger – There are no fees or charges payable to us. Our costs are taken into account when we determine the regular payments received over the life of CarePlus.

May increase Age Pension and reduce the costs of aged care – After investing in CarePlus, any Age Pension you receive may increase and the amount you pay for aged care may reduce.

As with all investments, CarePlus carries some risks. These risks and how they are managed are set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. We recommend you go through them with your financial adviser before deciding to invest.