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Order and download TMDs and PDSs

This page hosts our Product Disclosure Statements (PDSs) that contain all the information you need to know about each of our products and the related Target Market Determinations (TMDs).

A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) contains essential information about a financial product. It should be read and understood before making the decision to invest in any financial product. 

It is a legal requirement for product providers and distributors, such as financial advisers to provide you with this document when recommending or offering a financial product. 

The main purpose of a PDS is to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision about a financial product. After reading a PDS document, you should be aware of a product’s benefits, features and drawbacks. This way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before investing.


A Target Market Determination (TMD) is a document that describes who a product is designed to be appropriate for, how the product can be distributed, and when the TMD themselves should be reviewed.

All of Challenger's retail products available for investment, except for closed retail products, will have an associated TMD. Like-for-like reinvestments and rollovers of our retail products aren’t subject to TMD requirements.

The purpose of these documents is to help customers obtain the financial products that are appropriate for them. 

For more frequently asked questions about TMDs, click here


Download TMD and PDS

The current Target Market Determinations and Product Disclosure Statements for our products can be downloaded as a PDF using the below links. 


Product Disclosure Statement

 Target Market Determination

Challenger Lifetime Annuity (Liquid Lifetime)  Download PDS Download TMD
Challenger Guaranteed Annuity (Fixed Term)  Download PDS  Download TMD
Challenger Guaranteed Annuity (Fixed Term Direct)  Download PDS  Download TMD
Challenger CarePlus  Download PDS  Download TMD
Challenger Guaranteed Income Fund Download PDS Download TMD

Target Market Determinations are regularly reviewed with any archived versions available for reference.

Order copies of PDS

Hard copies of a number of our Product Disclosure Statements are available to be mailed to you. To order, simply select the number you require in the quantity box below. A form will display for you to provide your address, and we will mail out hard copies to you. Please note only the products listed below are available as hard copies.

Alternatively, please call our Investor Services team for assistance on 13 35 66 (Australia only) between 8.00am and 6.00pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday.

Quantity Product Type Product Download
Annuity Challenger Lifetime Annuity (Liquid Lifetime)
Annuity Challenger Guaranteed Annuity
Aged care Challenger CarePlus
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