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Other products

A list of the other products currently available.
Description Downloads and disclosures
Guaranteed Annuity (complying) Designed to accept money rolled over from a self-managed super fund that is currently an asset test exempt (ATE) lifetime, life expectancy, or term allocated (market linked) income stream, so that the exemption can be maintained.
Absolute Return Global Bond Strategies Fund On 14 August 2019, the Responsible Entity of the Fund determined it was in unit holders best interest to wind the Fund up. From this date we are unable to accept applications into the Fund or redemption requests from investors. The formal termination date of the Fund will be 9 September 2019 (Termination Date), after which we will commence the winding up process. Please note that until all portfolio assets have been sold and the proceeds are all held in cash, the Fund will remain subject to market movements.
Guaranteed Income Fund A managed fund that provides known, secure monthly payments over the investment term as well as the payment of a known lump sum maturity value at the maturity date.
Guaranteed Pension Fund A managed fund that provides known, secure monthly payments made up of both capital and income.

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