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Annuity features

With annuities you can choose your investment term. It can be as short as one year, as long as 50 years, or even for your lifetime. You can also select how often you get paid - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

Helping you to spend confidently in retirement

Challenger annuities give you peace of mind by providing you an income that is regular and dependable. Annuities can be used to help maintain your standard of living while in retirement.

Complements your retirement income

Challenger annuities complement other retirement investments and sources of income, such as account-based pensions and the Age Pension. They provide a secure income, either for your lifetime or for a fixed term you choose, regardless of how investment markets perform.

You may be eligible for an immediate increase in your Age Pension

With a lifetime annuity (Flexible Income option) only a portion of your investment is counted under the assets test. This could result in an immediate increase in your Age Pension. For more detail on the new Age Pension means testing rules visit our Age Pension page.


You are in safe hands with Challenger

Challenger annuities are guaranteed by Challenger Life, a Life Company regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). They continuously monitor our investments with the aim of ensuring that we can meet the promises that we have made to you both now and into the future. APRA is the authority that regulates the banking, insurance and superannuation industries. 

Offers competitive guaranteed payment rates

Challenger’s annuities offer competitive guaranteed payment rates for your lifetime, or your chosen investment term, regardless of how markets perform.

Certainty and control over your estate planning outcomes

Challenger annuities provide you with the comfort of knowing that Challenger will pass on benefits to your nominated beneficiary(ies) or estate upon your death.

Ability to withdraw if your circumstances change

While Challenger annuities are designed to be held for life, or the full investment term, you have the flexibility to access a lump sum within a defined period if your circumstances change.

You can choose inflation linked income to help protect your lifestyle

Inflation measures the change in the cost of living over time. With level income, your retirement lifestyle could become unaffordable. Payments from Challenger annuities can be linked to yearly changes to inflation, helping you to continue to afford tomorrow what you can afford today.

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