Could I outlive my savings?

Could I outlive my savings?

Have you considered how long you might have in retirement and whether you might outlive your super and savings?
Living longer

Outliving your savings

We’re living longer than ever before. Having the certainty you will receive guaranteed income payments for life – however long you live – can deliver peace of mind in retirement.

What is the best age to retire

What's the best age to retire?

There is no magic age at which to retire. But what’s important is to plan for a longer retirement than you may expect.

Retirement risks

Will your savings go the distance?

It’s important to understand how long your savings need to last for, on average, in retirement. This will help you to plan accordingly, and ensure you don’t either run out of money later in life or that you don’t spend as much as you can afford to.

Whats your retirement risk factor

What's your retirement risk factor?

How confident do you feel about your finances? Take our quiz to find out your retirement risk factor.

Share market volatility

Share market performance risk

Even if you don’t directly own shares, a portion of your money in your super or account-based pension is generally invested in the share market. Learn how to protect your money from poor share market performance.

Share price

Sequencing risk

When investments earn negative returns, the timing and order (sequence) of these returns can be critical to the overall impact on your savings.

Impact of inflation

Inflation risk

There’s a good chance the spending power of the income you have now will be reduced by inflation during your retirement. To maintain your lifestyle means making sure you keep up with inflation.

Boosting confidence in retirement

Boosting confidence in retirement

Do you know how much you can ‘safely’ spend in retirement?

Enjoying your retirement

Enjoying retirement

Retirement can be a golden opportunity to make changes to your lifestyle and routine and boost your wellbeing in the process. Find out more about the benefits of using your extra leisure time effectively.

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