Later stage retirement

Later stage retirement

Ensuring you’ll have enough money to live a comfortable retirement for your entire life is a concern for many older Australians.

According to a National Seniors Australia 2018 survey, 84% of older Australians rated having a regular and constant income as a very important factor in their financial planning. And with many Australians living longer, the need for lifetime income products that complement other investments has never been greater.

Challenger lifetime annuities give you an additional layer of protection in retirement and can act as a safety net giving you income for life, regardless of how long you live.

Like any financial product, there are some risks you should consider before including annuities in your retirement plan. It’s best to speak with your financial adviser about these risks before you consider investing.

But what if I die early?

Challenger lifetime annuities have a long death benefit period where a lump sum is payable to your estate or nominated beneficiaries. The death benefit is up to 100% of the amount invested. The maximum amount that could be received by your estate or beneficiaries depends on the time which has passed since you invested in the annuity up to the date of your death. You have the flexibility to remove this feature in return for higher regular payments. 

See the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

Take the risk away

As you get older, you may have less interest in actively managing your retirement finances. But it can be even more important to make sure you’re provided for as you and your partner grow older. Making a plan now can ensure you're prepared for whatever the future may bring.

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