Financial discomfort in retirement

Financial discomfort in retirement

Retirement Income

Financial discomfort in retirement

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22 Aug, 2019

Release of the 2019 survey 'Ensuring financial security in retirement' has provided valuable insights into how older Australians are feeling about their financial situation in retirement.

Conducted by YourLifeChoices retirement website, the survey attracted 3,397 responses to 42 questions about retirement savings, income and attitudes.

Overwhelmingly, the 'Ensuring financial security in retirement' survey found that many retirees were worried about running out of money, with very few saying they were confident of maintaining their lifestyle for as long as they lived. Even those with higher incomes in retirement had their worries, with many concerned about how a fall in the share market would affect them.

Key findings

  • Only 11% of retirees are very confident about maintaining their standard of living for as long as they live.
  • 59% of respondents said that the Age Pension was very important to their standard of living in retirement.
  • Many retirees are worried about outliving their savings.
  • Retirees who are prepared to spend some of their savings have more confidence in sustaining their desired lifestyle through retirement.

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