Who is Challenger

Who is Challenger?

Challenger Life is Australia’s largest provider of annuities. We’re a multi-award-winning Life Company providing reliable income to around 60,000 customers through management of more than $19 billion in assets (as at 30 June 2019).

Who we are

Challenger is focused on providing customers with financial security for retirement. We do this by offering investment strategies that exhibit consistently superior performance, and by helping customers in retirement with safe and reliable income streams.

As Australia’s largest annuity provider, we provide reliable, guaranteed income payments to over 60,000 Australian retirees. Annuity products appeal to retirees as they provide security and certainty of guaranteed income in retirement, whilst protecting against market and inflation risks. Our lifetime annuities also protect retirees from the risk of running out of money late in life.

The guaranteed retirement incomes we pay are backed by a high-quality investment portfolio, including fixed income and commercial property investments. These investments generate regular and predictable investment income, which we use to fund retirement incomes paid to our customers.

What we do

We offer a range of products aimed at helping our clients during retirement. Our market-leading annuities provide regular payments for the chosen investment term, regardless of how investment markets perform.

Our product range includes:

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