Term annuities

Term annuities

Provides a guaranteed regular income for a fixed term you choose regardless of how investment markets perform with flexible capital return options at maturity.

By investing a portion of your savings with Challenger, you will receive regular payments over a term of your choice. Term annuities can complement your other sources of income and investments, including an account-based pension, a lifetime annuity, or the Age Pension.

About the Challenger Guaranteed Annuity

You can invest in the Challenger Guaranteed Annuity (Annuity) with money rolled over within the superannuation system, or non-superannuation money. The Annuity is designed to give you complete control over your income by letting you choose:

  • An investment term between one and 50 years (minimum investment $10,000).
  • To have your initial investment repaid to you at the end of the term, or have some or all of it repaid throughout the term as part of your regular payments.
  • How your regular payments are made to you (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly).

Challenger term annuities can help give you peace of mind around your retirement income as the rate of return you will receive is determined when you invest and does not change, regardless of how investment markets perform.

Benefits at a glance

A secure investment with competitive guaranteed returns - Challenger term annuities offer competitive guaranteed rates payable for a fixed term, regardless of how markets perform. 

Protect your income and capital against share market volatility - Challenger term annuities give you an additional layer of protection in retirement by providing guaranteed income payments. They act as a safety net helping to ensure you will receive income for your chosen term, regardless of how investment markets perform. 

No fees to Challenger - There are no fees or charges payable to us. Our costs are taken into account when we determine the regular payments you will receive during the term. 

As with all investments, our Term Annuity carries some risks. These risks and how they are managed are set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. We recommend you go through them with your financial adviser before deciding to invest. 

Visit the rates page to see how this compares to other investments.