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Client friendly retirement income content

For financial adviser use only
Spending patterns in retirement

Talking about lifetime annuities

A handy one page document that summarises the key benefits of a lifetime annuity for your clients.

Proxy voting policy and results

Key challenges in retirement flashcards

Useful charts and stats to help simplify key retirement concepts and challenges your clients can face in retirement

A Guide to Income in Retirement_Content Card

Download our guide to income in retirement

Share this with your clients to help them discover how to support existing income with an approach that is fast becoming a smart strategy for modern retirees.

Value of advice

The real benefits of financial advice

Research article to use with your clients showing the full benefits of receiving good quality financial advice.

Retirement insights

A guide to annuities

Challenger's full PDF guide to annuities to share with your clients.

Living longer

Will your savings go the distance?

An infographic showing how long your clients can expect to have to plan their retirement income for.

Grandmother reading book to grandaughter

What is an annuity?

A short video describing the basics of annuities for your clients.

Lifetime annuities

Features of a lifetime annuity

A short video describing the basics of lifetime annuities for your clients.

Income options

What are your income options in retirement?

A short video explaining different income options for your clients.

Retirement income worry - who worries and why

NSA research 2019

Report showing the key insights from the 2019 NSA research - Why are retirees so worried?

Term annuities

Is the Challenger term annuity right for you?

A one page flyer that helps your client determine whether a Challenger term annuity is right for them.


Withdrawing from a term annuity

Key considerations for your client to think about if they wish to withdraw early from their term annuity.

Manage shareholding

Products at a glance

Compare a term annuity against a bank term deposit, a high interest savings account and a managed fund.

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