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Term annuities
Is a term annuity right for you?

A white label flyer that helps your client determine whether a term annuity is right for them and how the guarantees work.

7-Age Pension
Social security means test rules changes

New law changing the assets and income test treatment of lifetime income streams.

Super wealth at a household level
Investment options in retirement explained

Getting the balance right between a safe spending rate and having enough income to enjoy retirement takes some careful planning.

Value of advice
Importance of financial advice

When it comes to creating the retirement lifestyle you dream of a little support goes a long way.

Living longer
Will your savings go the distance?

An infographic showing how long your clients can expect to have to plan their retirement income for.

Retirement income worry - who worries and why
Retirement income - who worries and why?

An infographic summarises the 2019 National Seniors Social survey findings.

Income options
Your retirement income options

Learn about the Age Pension and other retirement income options.

How to create a retirement plan
Retirement: Are you ready?

From finances to feelings about leaving work, this article discusses the things to keep in mind when planning for life beyond the 9 to 5.

Investing in retirement

Should your approach change once you’ve actually retired?

Money on the mind

For many, retirement is a time to relax and enjoy the life you’ve worked hard to create, but many Australian seniors are concerned about their financial wellbeing.

Am I retirement ready
Understanding annuities

Investing in an annuity can be a valuable strategy for generating a regular income to help fund your retirement lifestyle.

How much do you need to retire?
Cost of retirement

Find out the key considerations when deciding if you can afford to retire.

Personal Super product
What does living longer mean for your income?

Find out the the impact of increased life expectancy on your retirement income.

Once bitten twice shy
Once bitten, twice shy infographic

This infographic summarises the 2018 National Seniors Social survey findings.