How to use annuity retirement

Annuities in retirement

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How annuities have changed
How lifetime annuities have changed

Lifetime annuities aren’t what they used to be. Today, they offer your clients more features and flexibility than ever before. Find out how annuities have adapted to the current environment.

Does your client meet the retirement definition
The retirement definition

This article explores the definition of retirement, retirement related condition of release, and addresses some frequently asked questions.

Sequencing risk explained
Sequencing risk explained

With recent falls in domestic and global investment markets, your clients could be facing increasing challenges to their retirement income.

Timing matters in retirement
Timing matters in retirement

Give your clients confidence with regular retirement income. Five strategies to reduce the impact of sequencing risk.

Retirement income: who worries and why

1 Jan 20 - The 2019 National Seniors Social Survey highlighted that two-thirds of retirees who have been retired five years expect to spend their savings over the next 20 years.

Spending patterns in retirement 2
Spending patterns in retirement

20 Apr 18 - This research paper explores how the spending pattern of retirees changes over times, highlighting a need to have income solutions that can meet different types of spending over time.

About Challenger

Challenger Life is focused on providing customers with financial security for retirement. We do this by offering investment products that help customers in retirement with safe and reliable income streams.

Challenger guarantee video
How we cover our promises made to your clients

Challenger annuities are provided by Challenger Life, a Life Company regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).