The wealth of Australian retirees has grown, help improve their portfolio outcomes by using an allocation to a lifetime annuity.

Combination of income streams — blending a lifetime annuity with an account-based pension — means your clients can get the best of both worlds: guaranteed regular income for life and still have access to capital as needed.


Will your clients' retirement income last their lifetime?

Zenith Investment Partners in conjunction with Andrew Lowe, Head of Technical Services, Challenger discusses in this video how guaranteed lifetime income products can help clients reach their retirement objectives.


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Why consider a lifetime annuity in a retirement portfolio?

Lifetime annuities can offer: 

  • Attractive level of guaranteed regular income for life, which can be fixed or linked to changes in CPI, the RBA cash rate or investment markets
  • No product fees
  • Flexible advice fee payment options
  • Estate planning certainty via a guaranteed death benefit during the withdrawal period
  • Flexibility to cancel the investment during a withdrawal period
  • Age Pension boost (if eligible)

And when used in conjunction with an account-based pension versus 100% of assets allocated to an account-based pension only, it can:

Tick   Increase income

Tick   Preserve more assets

Tick   Increase confidence levels in retirement