Guaranteed income fund

Guaranteed Income Fund

The Challenger Guaranteed Income Fund (the Fund) provides a known, secure monthly income stream within a managed fund and can help your clients manage their account-based pension cash flows. It can offer your clients peace of mind as the income they will receive over their chosen investment period and the capital amount at maturity are fixed and determined when they invest.

About the Challenger Guaranteed Income Fund

The Fund is a managed fund designed to provide a known monthly income for a fixed period as well as the payment of a fixed lump sum value at maturity. Available on most major platforms, the Fund provides:

  • Fixed monthly distributions until the maturity date, regardless of how investment markets perform
  • A range of maturity dates
  • The payment of a known maturity value at the maturity date.

The Challenger Guaranteed Income Fund is available for clients applying for a Significant Investor Visa (SIV) as the Fund meets the requirement of a complying “Balancing Investment” under the 2013 and 2015 SIV investment framework.