Guaranteed personal super

Guaranteed Personal Superannuation

This product is no longer available to new investors. Existing investors may choose to change their investment option including reinvesting at the end of their investment term.

About Challenger Guaranteed Personal Superannuation

Challenger Guaranteed Personal Superannuation has been designed as a simple and secure way for your clients to invest their superannuation savings. It offers two investment options:

  • Guaranteed Fixed Rate - The fixed rate option offers a guaranteed rate of return on your client’s investment for terms of between one and ten years. The earnings rate is fixed at the time of investment providing your client with market and capital protection.
  • Guaranteed Cash - The cash option offers a guaranteed earning rate that is set at the start of the week and remains fixed for that week, giving your client flexibility to switch all or part of their investment to a fixed rate option at any time.

The Challenger Guaranteed Personal Superannuation can help your clients manage market volatility by providing a guaranteed rate of return on their investment.