Lifetime annuities

Lifetime annuities

Challenger lifetime annuities provide a guaranteed regular income for your clients’ lifetime regardless of how investment markets perform or how long they live.

Challenger lifetime annuities complement other retirement investments and sources of income, such as account-based pensions and the Age Pension. They provide a secure lifetime income which can be used as the foundation of your clients’ retirement portfolio.

About the Challenger Guaranteed Annuity (Liquid Lifetime)

The Challenger Guaranteed Annuity (Liquid Lifetime) (the Annuity) creates an additional income layer over and above the Age Pension. The Annuity acts as a safety net for retirees, helping to protect against key retirement risks as part of a defensive portfolio allocation.

The Annuity offers several options that can be tailored for your client’s circumstances. They can:

  • Invest in the Annuity with money rolled over within the superannuation system or non-superannuation money (minimum investment $10,000).
  • Have their payments continue to be paid to their partner when they die.
  • Choose to have the regular payments indexed to inflation, so a portion of your clients’ retirement income is guaranteed to keep pace with living costs year after year.
  • Nominate a beneficiary(ies) and/or your clients' estate to receive a lump sum payment if they die within the withdrawal period (unless they ask for this feature to be removed in return for higher regular payments).
  • Have the flexibility to withdraw if their circumstances change. While the Annuity is designed to be held for life, there is a withdrawal period where your clients have the flexibility to access a lump sum if their circumstances change (unless this feature is removed when setting up the annuity in return for higher payments). The withdrawal period applicable to your client’s annuity will be shown on their payment quote. 

Discover the features and benefits of a lifetime annuity.

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