Significant Investor Visa

Meets the requirements of a complying ‘Balancing Investment’ under the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) Complying Framework.

Investors in the Challenger SIV Annuity Fund can have the comfort of knowing that they will receive a certain investment return and their full capital returned at the end of the investment term, regardless of how markets perform.

About the Challenger SIV Annuity Fund

The Challenger SIV Annuity Fund (Fund) provides fixed monthly income in the form of distributions until maturity as well as a maturity value equal to the original investment amount by investing in annuities issued by Challenger Life.

The fund offers an investment term of four years or a term nearest to the remaining SIV term (in whole years) where a visa has already been issued. The minimum investment is $500,000.

Who can invest?

Anyone aged 18 and over who has been granted or has applied for the Significant Investor Visa since 2013.

Companies or trusts where the beneficial owner(s) have been granted or applied for the Significant Investor Visa can also invest in the Fund.