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Providing sustainable retirement incomes

More than half of senior Australians are concerned they may outlive their savings or are fearful they may become a burden on their families when they are older. This is a key challenge for Australians - how to provide income in retirement.

Addressing the sustainable retirement income challenge is at the heart of our business. We believe that allocating a portion of retirement savings to annuities provides the best outcome for retirees and for the fiscal system. Combining existing account-based pensions with pooled longevity products can provide retirees with income for life, better protection from market and inflation risk and some capital flexibility.

Advocating for regulatory reform

In recent years, the Government has embarked on a series of superannuation reforms intended to create a world-class retirement income system. For over a decade, Challenger has run an extensive public policy program to develop an evidence base for reform of Australia's retirement income system. Our goal is to facilitate the provision of innovative products that will better manage longevity, inflation and market risk, which are the principal risks in retirement.

The impact of climate change

At Challenger, we consider climate change both in terms of our investment decision-making and ownership practices; and how we manage the impact we have on the environment from our direct operations.

Challenger undertakes to consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment decision-making and ownership practices. Environmental considerations include assessing the climate risk of our investments and assets.

We are also committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment through our business operations. We believe in doing the right thing by the environment and are committed to reducing the impact we have on it. We achieve this by:

  • raising employee awareness;
  • using technologies that minimise our use of resources; 
  • applying sustainable business practices; and
  • occupying sustainable places of work.

Since 2015, Challenger has offset all known relevant greenhouse gas emissions for our offices, making our business operations carbon neutral.

Find out more in our 2017 Sustainability Report.