Am I retirement ready?

Am I retirement ready?

Are you 100% sure you’re financially set up as best as possible for retirement? The first step in planning your retirement is to look at your current plan for your income in retirement and see if you're as prepared as you think you are.

Retirement age

What is the retirement age in Australia?

It’s up to you when to stop working, but you must be a certain age to get access to your super and the Age Pension.

How much do you need to retire?

How much do you need to retire?

The Association of Super Funds of Australia (ASFA) publishes new ‘Retirement Standard’ figures every quarter to help retirees get an idea for the income they’ll need to match their lifestyle expectations.

Can you afford your dream retirement

Taking it easy planning your retirement?

You may feel that your retirement savings are enough to sustain you for the rest of your life but it's worth looking into the many factors that go into planning your retirement.

Staying on track crop

Staying on track

A regular check in on your retirement income is a great way to stay on track and avoid feeling stressed about your finances. We’ve put together a list of useful tools and tips to help.

How to create a retirement plan

Financial security in retirement

A recent survey of over 3000 YourLifeChoices members shows that falling share markets have triggered a rethink about retirement savings.

Once bitten twice shy

Retirement income worry

Two-thirds of retirees who have been retired five years expect to spend their savings over the next 20 years.

Why investing for retirement is different

Why investing for retirement is different

In retirement, in the absence of a regular salary you’ll need to find a new way to secure enough income to cover your living costs.

Where to retire

Where to retire

Do you dream of moving somewhere new when you retire? Find out what to bear in mind when choosing the best location to retire.