Challenger annuities launch via Netwealth

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Challenger annuities launch via Netwealth

11 Jun, 2019

Challenger has today announced that its full range of annuities are now available via Netwealth.

Challenger’s Chief Executive Distribution, Product and Marketing, Angela Murphy said the launch
via Netwealth further expands Challenger’s distribution network, with Challenger annuities now
available on a wide range of traditional retail platforms and fast-growing superannuation and
investment platforms.

“Establishing relationships with a range of platforms has made it easier for a wider range of
advisers to recommend and include Challenger annuities in their clients’ portfolios. Today’s launch
via Netwealth means Challenger annuities are now available on the platforms used by the majority
of financial advisers.

“As we continue to see ongoing disruption in the financial advice market, our focus on expanding
our distribution networks via platforms is as important as ever in the current environment. The
launch via Netwealth will support the recent growth we have seen in sales by independent financial
advisers by ensuring we continue to reach a broad range of advisers with our annuity products.”

Andrew Braun, General Manager, Marketing at Netwealth said: “We are excited to work with
Challenger on expanding our retirement solutions for advisers and their clients. Our solution gives
clients the flexibility to access annuities with or without a Netwealth account. Where a client holds
a Netwealth account, advisers can report on and administer annuity policies alongside their
Netwealth assets.”

Making Challenger’s full range of fixed term and lifetime annuities, including CarePlus, available
via Netwealth provides advisers with easier access to guaranteed retirement income solutions for
their clients.

Advisers can now quote and apply for a Challenger annuity, view annuity policy details alongside
other assets, and access Challenger’s tools, resources and retirement calculators via the
Netwealth platform.


About Challenger

Challenger Limited (Challenger) is an investment management firm focused on providing
customers with financial security for retirement.
Challenger operates two core investment businesses, a fiduciary Funds Management division and
an APRA-regulated Life division. Challenger Life Company Limited (Challenger Life) is Australia's
largest provider of annuities.

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