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End of trip facilities



03 Dec, 2020

Why are Ferrari leather benches, marble finishing, towel services and luxury hair and skin products all underground?

Because in 2020, end of trip facilities are the must-haves of the modern office building.

It’s all part of attracting tenants in an increasingly competitive world – a world which post COVID-19 will become even tougher.

To be a top-rated building, property managers have to offer much more than they did a decade ago.

“Great end of trip facilities are a competitive advantage in CBD real estate,” says Chris Forbes, Head of Real Estate at CIP Asset Management. “So, we have to make sure our facilities provide the comfort, convenience and functionality to meet the demands of our customers and encourage an active lifestyle,”

“Competition in the property industry is fierce. At Challenger, we know the bar is being raised to attract quality tenants to our offices and we’re working on adding new features that not only improve their comfort but also embed ESG. This just makes good business sense” he said.

End of trip facilities are also being mandated in some regions.

In Queensland, as part of building codes , all new office buildings must have end of trip facilities. And for Victoria  and the City of Sydney  their cycling strategies rely on companies offering a place where people can get ready for work. With a greater focus on reducing emissions, these regions are finding ways to encourage people to find other ways to get to work, with cycling being a popular choice.

Companies are finding bigger and better ways to stand out. The Barangaroo precinct in Sydney significantly upped the game in providing tenants with thousands of lockers and hundreds of showers to accommodate their people. All with luxury finishes and top quality features.

And for many, the focus has been on environment, end of trip facilities support people to change their habits and make a positive contribution. Cities are also making changes to reduce the number of cars coming into the CBD through the provision of cycleways and improved public transport.

“The private sector is investing millions of dollars in end-of-trip facilities to support their staff who ride, because they know healthy workers take fewer sick days, are more productive – and that’s better for their bottom line.” – Clover Moore, City of Sydney

Fewer cars on the road means cleaner air. But how are people getting to work? There has been a growing number of people cycling to work, great for reducing emissions and for improved health. But who wants to show up to work in lycra? This is why companies are driving demand for end of trip facilities. They provide access to lockers, showers and other things you need to get ready for work.   

And it provides an economic benefit as well.

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