Helping our customers and community to be strong and financially resilient


Helping our customers and community to be strong and financially resilient

18 Oct, 2019

In September 2019 Challenger announced a strategic three-year partnership with COTA New South Wales.

Through this partnership we will deliver a community program aimed at addressing the underemployment of people over 50. This program will celebrate the value older Australians bring to the workplace and improve workplace practices to attract and retain older employees into their companies. We want people talking about the issue and thinking about better ways of working.

At Challenger, our sustainability strategy aims to provide financial security for retirement, and we know that continuing to work as you age is a key driver in achieving this. We understand that there are fewer opportunities for people over 50, due to stigma and discrimination and we believe there is significant value being left behind for mature-aged people, workplaces and the economy. Through our community program, we aim to provide services that reduce barriers to staying in or re-entering the workforce, such as training, process redesign and access to networks.

As part of this partnership, we’ve engaged with COTA NSW and other researchers to help us define the problem and find solutions to support positive change across Australia. Throughout the program, we’ll also be engaging with small, medium and large Australian workplaces to get a broad perspective of the support required and to develop sustainable initiatives aimed at tackling this societal challenge.

Our goal is for Australian workplaces to acknowledge the value of mature aged employees and adapt workplaces to accommodate their needs. The overall result leading to aged Australians who are engaged and thriving – mentally, emotionally and financially.

We’re excited to have this opportunity to make an impact on the financial resilience of older Australians and getting the support of other organisations to adopt these practices too.

This video tells the story of what some older workers experience in the workplace: