The wealth of Australian retirees has grown, help improve their portfolio outcomes by using an allocation to a lifetime annuity.

Combination of income streams — blending a lifetime annuity with an account-based pension — means your clients can get the best of both worlds: guaranteed regular income for life and still have access to capital as needed.


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Why consider a lifetime annuity in a retirement portfolio?

Lifetime annuities can offer: 

  • Attractive level of guaranteed regular income for life, which can be fixed or linked to changes in CPI, the RBA cash rate or investment markets
  • No product fees
  • Flexible advice fee payment options
  • Estate planning certainty via a guaranteed death benefit during the withdrawal period
  • Flexibility to cancel the investment during a withdrawal period
  • Age Pension boost (if eligible)

And when used in conjunction with an account-based pension versus 100% of assets allocated to an account-based pension only, it can:

Tick   Increase income

Tick   Preserve more assets

Tick   Increase confidence levels in retirement